Próxima parada, Huelva

2010 – Veronica Frenzel, Clàudia Prat, Leonor Jiménez: Through a very close documentary, the journalists Veronica Frenzel, Clàudia Prat, Leonor Jiménez show us the hard life that African immigrants are carrying on, trying to look for a better place outside their homelands. During the strawberries campaign in Huelva, south of Spain, many people reach the region in order to enrole themselves to collect the plantation. With the crisis, it is estimated that about 1,500 illegal immigrants have not found work  in the season 2009. Clotaire, Ibrahim and Adama are three of them, they could gain nothing that summer, they could barely survive. Although their complicated situation they already  think their next stop. The history of the new kind of nomadism in this century.



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