Waffenhandel – ein Bombengeschäft

2008 –  David Andre, Paul Moreira: With the globalization the industry of weapons has also been internationalized. In a moment it is been created a extremely big net of  unscrupulous arms dealers, armed gangs and agents bloodthirsty dictators. But organizations such as Amnesty International, Oxfam and IANSA (International Action Network on Small Arms ) reveal more hidden trade routes and organize the resistance against killing .

1,000 light weapons that kill people are born each day worldwide to use and degrade society. These weapons are traded in violation of international law. They get into the hands of bloodthirsty dictatorships , uncontrolled armed gangs and intricate in genocides governments. So has led , for example, the massive use of weapons in the fighting in the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the largest losses among the civilian population since the Second World War : five million deaths in ten years – and under great secrecy .


[DEU with subtitles in all languages]


More information about the documentary:




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