La escala humana (The Human Scale)

2012- Andreas Dalsgaard: back in the 60s in the West , a large number of people migrated to cities seeking for an opportunity and a better life. Today, the inhabitants of the other side of the planet are doing the same thing : an unstoppable growth countries like China move every year millions of people from rural areas to megacities like Beijing Sanghai .
The prevailing urban model since the city regarded as the engine off of society and urban projects were designed to give priority to the car , the most representative object of economic growth .

At a stroke , the modern movement ended with all traditional lifestyle , where people were equipped with a space to live , to change by large developments located on the outskirts of the city, close to highways and absolutely isolated from heat of the city .

Cities for people
” We converted our living environment into something deadly to people and have failed,” says an expert on the human scale where some of the most significant architects of the day and urban designers opt for a radical change of model cities for people .




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