Ebola: The Plague Fighters

1995-NOVA: In early 1995 the Ebola virus struck in the city of Kikwit in Zaire, Africa. It killed almost 250 people before it was contained. Some groups of experts went to the area to work locating victims and possible focus of outbreak, and to provide education on prevention to the people. This NOVA program follows the medical researchers and doctors as they work to prevent the virus from wiping out an entire community and to locate where the virus originated.




20 years later no community of scientists have given any answer about the origin of this virus which is striking again, with exponential deaths and increasing the concern over the population in the whole planet. Governments are looking weak on the eyes of the society, again.

This is our chance to fight for a real change, and ask for international solidarity and equality to take care all the regions of the planet at the same level, because everybody is important in a global World.


Watch also:

The worst-case scenario for Ebola


From article: http://bit.ly/1msRecf


Ebola: The world´s most dangerous Virus


To learn more about the scientific part of this epidemiological virus.





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